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It’s important to us that land investors and buyers we work with have a great experience with us.  In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want.  So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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“If you are having reservations about working with someone you’ve never met, do not worry about Mike and Paul. They were so easy to work with. What I respect most about our dealing was Mike and Paul’s timely responses, genuine care and assistance in finding me the right land, and complete follow through, which made me trust them and not regret our transaction. From start to finish, everything was seamless, and I highly recommend them to you.”

Anne-Marie Crifasi

“Paul’s common sense approach to business combines brilliantly with a creativity to keep those around him motivated with a vision to succeed. IE Mobile Home Buyer has exhibited a natural capacity to push the boundaries within business and has yet to fall short of greatness… ” Randy Fields CEO K&P Group

Randy Fields

“… Paul conducts himself with total integrity. He can be counted on not just to work hard & smart, but to represent anyone and any project, big-or-small, in a positive light. I know of numerous occasions where clients and co-workers have specifically mentioned what a joy it is to work with Paul…  he treats everyone with an attitude of gratitude… ” Michael Nugent Real Estate Broker

Michael Nugent
I just wanted to take a few minutes to Thank Paul

My husband and I found ourselves in a situation that we needed to sell our mobile home. We had talked to several folks and all were only concerned with what they would have to do to our home to make the amount of money they wanted to which left them all offering us a significantly lower amount that we needed

When we approached Paul it was like running into an old friend. We explained our situation and from that moment on we had no doubts in our moving forward with him.
Paul offered us a fair price and due to our situation was more than accommodating, he stayed in touch with us every step of the way, always letting us know that our needs were important. It has been three months and Paul still touches base with us just to see how our family is doing.

I can honestly say that it has been a very long time since we have met anyone as honest and kind as Paul.

If you want honesty – fairness and someone with integrity and that genuinely cares about your needs I highly recommend Paul.

Judith & Joe Seiders

Judy Seiders

Albert Sanchez:  Dear Paul,

In the haste of getting things moving, I forgot to say THANKS !

I do appreciate the support on trying to sell our home, most of your associate would have said I can not buy and have a good day !

But you Sir, have taken a step forward and are truly trying to help by contacting your resources/friend to move on with a possible sale ! for this I respect your deserving high regards.

I just needéd to say that .

Have a great day

Albert & Daniel Sanchez: al_sanchez853@outlook.com

Me:  Thank you sir!

I appreciate the kind words.

It’s the least I can do being that my site that I worked hard for years ago, is still up and running on Google.

May I save this to use on testimonial pages for other websites I have like my land selling site (which Is an active business ) www.landgetaway.com/property  ?


Albert Sanchez: Yes Sir, You deserve it!



Albert Sanchez

“Lands overall net worth will never be zero (while some other assets can lose, and have lost ALL of their value)”

“Land is tangible. Land can be used. You can walk on it. You can see it. You can touch it. You can feel it. It will never go away. Its overall net worth will never be zero (some other assets can lose, and have lost ALL of their value).”