Vacant Wooded-Mountain Land – Build Your 3,000 sqft Unique Vacation Home Sold

  • $4,800
  • 7,500 sqft

General Video I took of Crestline, CA (this is not the property for sale)

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Ever consider getting away from it all?

Escaping the rat-race? Enjoying a prolonged vacation with your family?

Living on your own terms even for a little while?

And having your very own vacation home to do it?

           If that’s you, then this 7,500 sqft vacant land may be the perfect place to turn your dream into a reality. With Lake Gregory just 10 minutes away, loads of nearby mountain hikes, year-round fishing opportunities, and the warm, flawless sound of absolutely nothing (i.e. nature), this property is ideal for turning into your year-round vacation get-away.

Plus, the property has all its public utilities in the street and it’s on a downslope (which is FAR easier to build on than an upslope).

Neighbor house down the street. Built on a similar slope

Worried about how to build on a downslope?

Well, it’s definitely a project that few will do.

And it can take time (any type of building from the ground is a “project-in-a-half”)… but if you can pull it off… it makes for such a unique property overlooking beautifully wooded landscapes. And, once you take a drive through the quaint little mountain-lake town of Crestline, you’ll notice that the majority of homes are built on steep slopes.

Slopped properties make for stunning homes


That’s because… downslope is much easier and more cost-efficient than building on a hill.

And with the new recent California law changes… according to San Bernardino County… you can now put a tiny home on this lot (a minimum of 150 square feet and maximum of 3,000 square feet).

How much does it cost?

First off, most lake-front vacant land can go for $30,000 or more. And similar land listings go for upwards of $15,000.

But I’m pricing this one at $4,800

Compare it with similar listings. Like an 8,000 sqft lot for $20,000. Or, a 9,000 sqft lot for $15,000.    

Why would this be priced much lower than others? Well, because at Land Get-Away, we value simple and easy land sales at wholesale prices. So, we almost always price our lots slightly less than market value.

Here are the cons of the property: The downslope scares people. The project is not for the intimidated builder. This property is suited for three people: 

  1. Preppers who want a secluded lot with an amazing view
  2. Retirees/vacationers, who want to build a unique looking home with an amazing view
  3. Investors who want to park their money somewhere

About the Area

Lake Gregory (considered to be the hidden gem among the locals), is a reservoir lake considered to be one of the cleanest lakes in Southern CA according to the weekly water tests done in the summer.

Here are some facts about the area: 

  • Elevation is 4,454
  • Average Summer Temperatures: High 80’s
  • Lake allows paddle boats, row boats, aqua cycles, fishing, electric motor boats, stand-up boards, kayaks, etc.
  • Fishing is all year round
  • Dog trails
  • Water park for all ages
  • and much more.

If lake fun isn’t your thing, then enjoy the many activities around San Bernardino mountains (just 30 minutes away), like: Lake Arrowhead Village… Santas Village… Arrowhead Queen Tour boat… Arboretum… and much more.

(for directions to the lot, scroll down)

If you’d like to know more about the 7,500 square foot lot for sale… or make an offer, don’t hesitate to contact me (Paul), at:



No Doc Fees on Cash Purchase

No Closing Costs

Title transferred via CA Grant Deed guarantees a clean title.

$8,800 cash is all you pay… no fees or costs attached to that. I even pay for the first tax payment so you don’t have to.

We also accept check, cash, credit card through our Quick Books Invoice,

Financing for a year is available.

Any back taxes will be paid by seller (me).


To make an offer... call me (Paul) at (951)-901-8208

If I don’t answer please leave a message as I am usually at work and can’t answer the phone right away.


For contact information of San Bernardino County, call (909)-387-8311. I’ve called and they have told me that a manufactured house and tiny home can be placed on it, as well as a maximum of a 3,000 square foot built home or a minimum of 150 square feet for you tiny-housers out there. But never take any sellers word for it. Please your due diligence.


Please check with County of San Bernardino AND City for usage of the lot; for parking RVs, mobile homes, camping, etc. The County and the City ultimately determine what you can and can’t do. 

Information presented is to the best of the sellers’ knowledge, However, the buyer is to perform their own due diligence.


Here’s how to get to the lot:

Since vacant property rarely has an address you can just plop into Google Maps, It can be difficult to find vacant land. However, I’ve included several ways below you can locate this beautiful wooded property. You can either one of these 6 ways to get there or a combination of them all. 

  1. Here are the GPS coordinates if you’d like to type it into your phone or GPS device: 34.2394279209, -117.253842506. It takes you to the center of the property.Or, you can type in the nearest address:
  2. Type in 762 Chateau dr. Crestline, CA into google maps and let the GPS guide you there. Once you get there, find the East property line (on the left)of that address, and walk off about 20 paces (62 feet) right of the property (East). That’s the beginning of the property for sale.OR Type the other nearest address:
  3. Type in 738 Chateau dr. Crestline, CA into google maps and let the GPS guide you there. Once you get there, find the West property line of that address, and walk about 33 paces (100 feet) West (left) and you’ll hit the vacant lot for sale.Or, you can click on the link below to input the direction straight to your phone:
  4. Here’s the link that will take you straight to google directions: Google Directions
  5. Here are the directions from San Bernardino City
  6. Here are the directions from Apple Valley CA

Here’s the thing when you get there, there are no markers yet because getting a property surveyed cost anywhere from $600 to $900. And to keep the price of this lot at wholesale price, choose to leave that cost out.

Coordinate to the four corners: 

If you’re wondering where the four corners are without paying close to $1,000 for a survey, I have the GPS coordinates for each corner, just type them into Google Maps and it will take you there.

  • SW corner: 34.2394072544, -117.253945762
  • SE corner: 34.239347237, -117.253793376
  • NE corner: 34.2397246828, -117.253552605
  • NW corner: 34.2397597787, -117.253708688

So, enough of the talk, here are some important details below:

Here are more details:

APN: 0339-192-33

Legal Description: Lot 131, Tract 2744 as per plat recorded in Book 39 of Maps, pages 47 to 50 records of San Bernardino County, CA.

All public utilities in street.

Yearly Taxes: $167.90 (any back taxes will be paid by the seller (us))

Paved Road

Downslope (best for building)

Zoning: CF/RS

Nearby address: 762 CHATEAU DR CRESTLINE, SAN BERNARDINO, CA 92325 (This house is 2 lots left (North) of the vacant lot for sale.





Crestline, CA 92325
Square Feet:
For Sale
Property Type:

Call 323-457-7089 for more details