Attention Hikers, Outdoors People, and Equestrians – 5 lots in one – Mountain Land for Sale Big Bear, Baldwin Lake CA For Sale

  • $7,000
  • 7405 sqft

Land For Sale Big Bear, CA, Baldwin Lake

5 Parcels in One – Open Property in the “Wild West” Secluded area of Big Bear, Baldwin Lake


A Brief Introduction

Is there a way to escape the life-threatening traffic, the filthy-air, the “busyness” of life, the blazing heat, and the people-congestion of Southern California? 

I believe there is.

And that’s with the right buildable lot in the mountains, nestled in the national forest of San Bernardino

This 7,500 square foot lot is in the Baldwin Lake area, which is considered a “Wild West” type of area where it’s secludedness, nature, and people’s desire to raise their horses draws them in. Not a very big lot if you compare with desert acreage property or property in Texas… however, most mountain land is 5,000 square feet or less. Plus with the National Forest literally a few minutes of a walk away… who really needs extra lot size? With few neighbors all around you, it’s just empty space for your outdoor needs.

What Can You Do With The Property?

San Bernardino Mountain land for sale Big bear CA
Mountain living

Since this is a residential lot, and San Bernardino is lenient, you can place a manufactured home on it, a tiny home (on foundation), or build your own “getaway” home to get away from the city-life down below…. or pass on to your children and their children’s children.

What about RV/camper/trailer? 

Well, it does seem in some places that people live in their RVs in secluded areas like this…. however, San Bernardino County (and many counties in the US) does not allow an RV/camper/trailer as a primary residence. Only when there is already a primary residence can you keep an RV/camper/trailer on the property.

Now, that’s the rules….whether or not County (or people complain about it) enforces it is another story.

What About Utilities?

Like the entire Area, this property is a septic and well water property. Meaning, that you would have to install a septic and well. But, most residents here who enjoy their privacy and independence seem to prefer that. Septic and well water may seem daunting (any building project is daunting), so definitely more for those who want to be independent.


  • APN: 0314-112-61-0000;
  • 7,405 square feet’ .17 acre –  5 lots in one
  • Approximately 75′ of Frontage;
  • Buildable Big Bear Land for Sale
  • Manufactured homes and Tiny homes on foundations allowed
  • zoned Residential
  • Dirt road access in front and in back;
  • Legal Description: Parcels A,B,C and D of Lot 544; Parcel A of Lot 545, of Tract No. 1973, Amended map of the Lakeland Tract, as per map recorded in Book 28 of Maps, Pages A39 and 39

About the Area

Here’s the best part of this land for sale in Big Bear… Being that this “Old Fashion Area” is secluded and most of the residents love their horses here… this property is more suited for those who love:

  • Seclusion
  • The outdoors
  • Animals
  • Hiking
  • Privacy
  • Mountain life

And of course… there’s the history…

This is your typical “Wild West Gold-mining town”.Where in the 1800’s Baldwin Lake was founded during the California Gold Rush and considered to have some of the biggest Gold Mines in CA. With around 14 mines in a 30-minute radius from this property

And before there were Old West Brothels and taverns settling here, there were the Serrano Indians.

The monolithic “Eye of God” where the mountainous Indians worshipped their god, is only 15 minutes away

The Historic “Eye of God” where the Serrano Indians worshipped


Besides all the landmarks and the hiking spots in your back yard, Big Bear Lake along with all its resorts and parks are only 30 minutes away.

If interested in this property Contact us (Ask for Paul) (951)901-8208

Here’s how to get to the property:

Choose any one of the following ways:

  1. Type in these GPS coordinates into Google on your Phone: 34.2831464, -116.7977739
  2. Click this link before you go to take you to the Coordinates on Google:
  3. Type in this adjacent address into Google on your phone: 1927 Golden Rod Ave, Big Bear, CA 92314

(when you get there Look for Wood Markers)

Directions from San Bernardino City:
  1. Take CA 210 E.
  2. Take exit 81 for CA-330 N toward Mountain Resorts
  3. Continue onto CA-330 N
  4. Continue onto CA-18/Hilltop Blvd
  5. Turn left onto CA-38 W
  6. Continue onto CA-18/W North Shore Dr
  7. Turn right onto Baldwin Lake Rd
  8. Turn left onto Golden Rod Ave
  9. Property is on the right

Before you leave the house…

Print out these directions and the Maps below just in case GPS doesn’t work: (to print the maps, right click and click “Save Image”. Then save on your computer where you can print. )

$9,000  $5,000

What Make this property special: … the size….the 75′ Frontagethe front and back road accessthe number of lots (5)the secludednessand the history

0% Interest Financing is Available (Minimum of $900 Down, $195 a month) Call (951)901-8208) for details

No Doc Fees if Cash

Title transferred via CA Grant Deed guarantees a clean title.

One thing before you go that I must mention is that this property is located in a Flood Zone D.  Flood Zone D is the lesser of all flood zones and because of it, it does not need to be elevated when built (according to the county). It’s the zone that people are least worried about. In fact, there are neighbors that have built right across the street and near it. But… please contact County to verify for yourself.

**all information is presented to the best of our knowledge. Buyers must complete due diligence before purchase and be 100% satisfied before making a purchase. There are no guarantees or refunds except for our guarantee of clean title or your money back.

1927 Golden Rod Ave, Big Bear, CA 92314
Big Bear, CA 92314
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