1.53 Acre Lot Near Sprague River in Oregon! For Sale

  • $2000

A Brief Introduction

This piece of land is a five-minute drive from Sprague River, a 75-mile long river where largemouth bass are just waiting to be caught. Take your kayak or canoe down to the river for a float next to green, marshy wetlands with tons of different wildlife, including  American White Pelicans, Greater Sandhill Cranes, and Olive-Sided Flycatchers, or take a drive through the countryside on the paved Drews Road with your windows down, playing some tunes, enjoying fresh air and the simple pleasures of a warm sunny day.

What Can You Do With The Property?

Ever wanted to build your own little vacation cabin? How about put a tiny home on your very own piece of land? Or how about start a little hobbie-farm, where you grow some plants and raise some animals? Nothing big, just something for you and your loved ones to use. Then this might be just the property you’re looking for.

This property is zoned as R2, meaning it’s residential/recreational (i.e. you can build on it or use it for recreational purposes).

Here’s everything you can do with it:

  • Build a cabin or home on it
  • Put a tiny home on it
  • Put a mobile home on it
  • Park your trailer on it (45 days at a time)
  • Start a hobbie farm and even raise a few animals
  • Have some recreational fun (build a paintball course, ride your dirt-bike, camp, or have an evening bonfire with friends!)

What About Utilities?

We know… if you’re wanting to live on the property, then utilities are BIG deal. Even people living off grid need water, sewer, and some sort of power. Here’s what this property offers:

  • Water — We called the local drilling company and you can indeed build a well on the property at 300ft, between 7g/min – 478ft and 15g/min.
  • Power — There are no power poles on the road to the property. Your best bet would be to use solar power for this property unless you’re willing to spend big money for a landline.
  • Sewer — In order to get a septic system installed on the property, you’ll need the correct permits, which will require a perc test (usually this costs a few hundred dollars). If that clears, you can install a full septic system. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to install an alternative septic system (mound system, composting toilet, pressurized dosing, or sand filter are a few options).

Are There Any Restrictions? Anything You Should Be Aware Of?

The worst thing that could happen is for you to spend thousands of dollars on a property and then find out… you can’t even use it for what you wanted! I know people to who this has happened (careful who you buy land from). But at The People’s Land Company, we’re determined to give you all the necessary information about each property so you don’t get side-swiped. There are a few restrictions with this property that you should be aware of:

  • Camping — You can camp on this property (stay in a recreational vehicle) only for 21 days out of a 6 month period.
  • Wildlife & Building — There’s also a wildlife restriction on this property that requires you to build any house or cabin nearer to the road rather than far away from the road. Call us for exact details on this restriction.


APN: R-3610-001D0-06300-000

Lot Size: 1.53 acres, 66,411 square feet

Legal Description: Block 40, Lot 1, Nimrod River Park 4th Addition


1. Put this address into your GPS: 27512 Wheeler St Sprague River, OR 97639

2. Once you arrive, head toward Rim Drive on Wheeler Street. Turn right on Rim Drive.

3. Keep driving until you come to Baker Street on your right. The lot is right on the corner of Baker Street and Rim Drive, spanning 1.5 acres.

Interested In This Property?

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