Who is The People’s Land Company?

The truth is, most other Land Businesses don’t care about you. We’ve all heard frustrating stories about people who got scammed, played, or outright cheated in their land purchase. Maybe they made payments for years and years only to find out that the sellers didn’t even have the right to sell the property. Maybe they found out after purchasing that the property was terrible for building on.

Whatever the case, we hate that sh*t.

So we decided to make some changes.

95% of land businesses operate the same way:

They find small, cheap junk land that they can quickly flip to someone and hope that person doesn’t do their own due diligence.

Cause if they did, they’d find out… that the property is junk.

Also, after a sale, they kick their customers to the curb, hoping that they never come back asking for a refund. And if they do… “Too bad, that wasn’t in the contract.”

And, finally, they only care about how much passive income they can make. They never ask, “What value can I bring to the customer?”

So, we’ve (Mike Blankenship and Paul do Campo) decided to reverse all that nonsense and build a real business that brings real value into the marketplace.

Hence the name, “The People’s Land Company.” Because, we believe, everyone should have access to great property at a reasonable price.

Is land a good investment in California and Oregon?

That’s me (Paul, on the left) when I sold mobile homes

Land is an attractive investment with many compelling exit strategies, making it ideal for just about every investor to have at least some raw land, vacant land, or empty land in their real estate investment portfolio.

Instead of searching for land that might be for sale, and instead of making offers and hoping that someone wants to sell, there’s another option.

At The People’s Land Company, we’ve built a reputation in Oregon and California and surrounding areas, so that landowners come to us looking to sell their land.

We are not brokers or agents – we buy and sell land ourselves, and can often connect buyers like you to land investment opportunities (even ones that have land owner financing available).

About Mike and Paul

My name is Mike and my business partner is Paul do Campo. We’re the owners of The People’s Land Company. (That’s us on the right )

Collectively, we have over a decade of experience in the real estate space. But we don’t just enjoy buying and selling real estate — in fact, that’s just what we do — ultimately, we’re passionate about serving our customers to the best of our ability, providing them with land that will fulfill their needs, and making the entire thing a painless, enjoyable experience.

If you get on our email list, we’ll not only show you the deals available but entertain and inform you of the “In-N-Out’s” of land. We’re working to build a long-term sustainable business… unlike the over-night investor who comes and goes and has shady-deals that you might be worried about… Unlike him, we’re here to stay

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