How to Price land Better Than Most Realtors

Valuing land can be a big pain, and most don’t really know how to… especially realtors.

Realtors often don’t specialize in vacant land. And, the main source they use for valuation (the MLS), has few vacant land listings to compare.

But, the best tools to use for pricing land, is actually available to all for free and probably the most common tools… but not used well enough.

In this video, we go over how to use two easy-to-get tools, that just about every land investor uses and how to use it.

These two tools are a no-brainer (Zillow and Redfin), but very few people know how to use some of their tools within to figure out a proper price for your desired land.

In the video we’ll go over:
  • Filtering your search so you’re not bombarded by different types of listings
  • Which type of listing to pay close attention (and the types to ignore)
  • The common reason why people misjudge price and can overestimate their price by thousands even tens of thousands of dollars
  • how you can download the data
  • How to tell the difference between “Pie-in-the-sky” prices and a true market price.

Check out the video below:


How Price Vacant Land for the average Buyer
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