Frequently Asked Questions Answered

  • Do you own the property or are you just listing it as an agent?
    We own the property and are selling it as the owner. There are no commissions and since we own the property free and clear we often sell.
  • When can I go see the property?
    You are welcome to go see the property whenever is convenient for you. Daytime is probably best in order to see the land is best. We provide maps, APN #’s and photos of the property as well.
  • What utilities are available?
    We do our best to get as much information we can on the land before we list it. Under the “Lot Details” area on the property listing, we will say if the property is Off-Grid (no public utilities) or what utilities are available either at the street or nearby to the best of our knowledge.
  • What can I do with the property?
    You will need to check with Planning and Zoning for the City or County that the property is in to confirm all the land use details for building or developing. We are happy to provide phone #’s and web links. When we buy the property, we check for the following things to ensure the title is clean.- Delinquent Property Taxes
    – Chain of Title
    – Liens on Property
  • What type of payment do we except?
    We do our best to accommodate everyone and all forms of payment. We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, and ACH through Stripe, Money Orders, Cashier Checks,  Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Why is the property so cheap?
    Well, this is probably our favorite question and one we do get asked quite often. We are in the wholesale priced land selling business which means we look to move a high volume of properties quickly.  In order to do so, we implement the best price on the market strategy and also provide great information, maps, and pictures.  Even seen a lot for sale with no info and just a plat map?
  • What is a Doc Fee?
    A Doc Fee is paid by the buyer for preparation of the documents, notary fees, mailing expenses, recording fees and transfer tax charged by the county to record and transfer the property to you as the new owner. We charge an industry low Doc Fee of $245 and love making out total out the door price incredibly low.
  • How does Seller Financing work?
    On a Seller Financing transaction, we will use a Land Sale Contract that details the price and terms. There is no credit check or application, your down payment with the Doc Fee qualifies you.  Once the down payment is made you are allowed to use and enjoy the land right away.  Afterward, you will make monthly payments per the Land Sale Contract or of course, there is no pre-payment penalty to make extra payments or pay off early.  Once paid in full the property will be transferred to you and title conveyed via Grant / Warranty Deed.

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